Monday, 30 May 2011

Luton Recreation Groud

Luton Recreation Ground Improvements

Your Luton & Wayfield Councillor team visited the Luton Recreation Ground site today to look at the improvements to the Children's Play area.

Over the last 12 months we have been leading the campaign with independent campaigners for improved provision for young people in Luton.

We have seen some success with the improvements on the Luton Recreation Ground but we are still campaigning for improvements at Barnfield and Luton Millenium Gardens.

Commenting on the scheme Cllr Tristan Osborne statedf

"The works on this site are well on the way to completion. Once completed it will be fantastic resource for the local community. We now need to campaign for improvements in our other green spaces across the ward, including in Barnfield and Luton"

We look forward to seeing these works complete and the play area once again being a focal point for young people in Luton

Love Music Hate Racism

Cllr Tristan Osborne & Cllr Sam Craven attended the Love Music Hate Racism event at the Command House, Chatham today.

A truly great event, good weather and some truly talented individuals singing to keep Medway a diverse and open place.

People sometimes forget how much the country has changed for the better over the last twenty years. However much discrimination still remains and we must never be complacent.

These type of events remind us of how we are stronger together as a community then those that will seek to divide us. People of all creeds and backgrounds living side by side.

Many families and young children enjoyed some strong performances from traditional folk bands, musical singers and some local school bands who were profiling themselves.

Particularly keen to join colleagues in the Bobby Wade room. A man who delivered so much for the local community in Medway and who was much loved by all who met him.

Many congratulations to the organisers; the Medway Love Music Hate Racism team.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Members' Allowances

Please find above Medway Councillor members' allowances for the 2010/11 year.

We pledged as Councillors to publish our full expenses in an open and transparent manner.

Wayfield Phone Mast Success

Councillors Sam Craven, Christine Godwin and Tristan Osborne are extremely pleased to announce that the Application for a phone mast in Wayfield has been rejected after a concerted campaign by residents, Councillors and our representatives in Parliament.

The full result of the application can be found here

The campaign to oppose the mast was led by a number of residents who felt, and rightly so, that the mast was an unwanted development in a residential area with large numbers of families with young children.

We hope that the phone mast company will accept the outcome and not appeal the judgement. The mast is not wanted in this area.

We all accept however that phone masts are necessary if the UK is to develop capability for 4G. We only ask that phone companies place these masts in areas which minimise impacts, perceived or otherwise, to residents and are in keeping with the area they are placed.

Medway Council have undertaken a lot of work on phone masts in the area which was a focus for scrutiny several years ago. The results of this scrutiny exercise, which has helped shape policy, can be found here.

A significant victory for the community none the less

Monday, 16 May 2011

Road Repair / Pavement Repair

Please find above the road and pavement repair list for the Medway Unitary Authority for 2011/12.

Sadly there is not one major programme of works for Luton & Wayfield and breaking down the ward-per-ward allocation it appears that Conservative wards are doing remarkably well...

I'll let you make your own judgements.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wayfield Phone Mast Objection

Planning - MC110892 - Phone Mast, Wayfield

Please find above the strong objections from Cllr Sam Craven, Cllr Christine Godwin and Cllr Tristan Osborne on the phone mast application for Wayfield.

We believe that this mast is not suited to this area which is comprised of high density residential housing much of which is inhabited with families and children.

We will be taking further advice from residents on the ground on how to oppose this development. but it is now the responsibility of the Conservative controlled administration to seek other avenues for this mast.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Luton Memorial Meadow

Cllr Sam Craven & Tristan Osborne with Don Philips at the memorial

Cllr Sam Craven and Cllr Tristan Osborne met Don Philips today, who with a few other veterens and residents, has maintained the memorial meadow and defended the land from encroachment from developers.

We spent some time together this morning discussing the history of the site, its landscape and the families who fell in the war from the Luton area.

We gave our full committment to Don that we would fight any encroachment on the land, which is worrying at present given the potential for government to water down planning restrictions.

Over the three decades there have been a number of kind donations from local Lordswood and Luton councillors, the press and from the previous and current MP.

We will help Don to support and maintain this piece of Luton heritage and will happily partner up with others in the community to ensure this legacy is left for future generations.

All Saints Residents FĂȘte

Chatham Central / Luton & Wayfield Councillors

The Councillors for Luton & Wayfield and Chatham Central attended the fete at the All Saints Church on 7th May.

An event managed by the vicar and the fantastic team in the local All Saints Resident Association, who are celebrating the purchase of the Magpie Hall pub, which is to be converted into a resource for the entire community. The church and residents organised a free BBQ and Cllr Christine Godwin was able to get her car washed by the local scout troope.

The purchase of the Magpie Hall Pub will allow the centre to expand its outreach into the surrounding community, and hopefully strengthen the partnership with the Sure Start facility opposite, to provide holistic services for not only young people but also a centre for the elderly locally.

Commenting on the event Cllr Tristan Osborne (pictured with cake) stated

"It is great news that the facility will be able to expand and be a resource for the entire community partnering with the Church and the Sure Start centre opposite. Inner City Chatham is one of the most deprived parts of the South East and it is important that groups and Associations are supported and helped"

We will continue to support the centre and its work in Luton.

Election Result

The full election result for Luton & Wayfield ward in the local election is below:

Dave ArthurGreen Party299

Tashi BhutiaThe Conservative Party Candidate1268

Sam CravenThe Labour Party Candidate1487

Heather DownsTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts160

Mike FranklinThe Conservative Party Candidate1108

Christine GodwinThe Labour Party Candidate1467

Chris HooperLiberal Democrat168

Eddie HooperLiberal Democrat141

Gloria OparaThe Conservative Party Candidate992

Tristan OsborneThe Labour Party Candidate1326

Christopher SamsLiberal Democrat136

We wish to pay tribute to the work undertaken by the previous Councillor's Tashi Bhutia, Val Goulden and Tony Goulden and will continue with the good work undertaken in the area.

You may have noticed the below press cutting from the Monday Medway Messenger:

Welcome to Luton & Wayfield Labour

Welcome to the Luton & Wayfield ward Labour blog for Councillors' Sam Craven, Tristan Osborne and Christine Godwin

We believe and care passionately for our community and have established this blog so that residents can contact us about their problems but also get an overview of some of the work we are undertaking in the ward.

We believe the community deserves a strong voice to oppose the Conservative-led cuts and a voice which will speak up for our communuty.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog of campaign activity and updates for our community.