Friday, 30 September 2011

Boxing Club Update

Please support St Mary's Amateur Boxing Club for Natwest Community Force funding

What does your charity/project do?

St Mary's ABC has been established for 70 years. Recently we have been raising funds to ensure St Mary's ABC stays within the local community. We are non-profitable organisation & need to raise funds to ensure we have a stable future & can continue to take our boys across the Nation in order to attend other clubs boxing shows. We train over 220 boys a week, offer guidance, coaching and competitive opportunities in boxing. This club is heavily involved within the local community & boxing world.

How does your charity/project support the local community?

Our organisation currently keeps the youngsters off the streets 7 days a week. We train them from as early as 8 yrs old through to adults. We encourage boxing within the local community irrespective of race, culture, belief, gender, the acquisition of physical fitness, self discipline, confidence and responsibility. We are looked upon as a family within Luton and are very well known across the nation for producing world champions, junior titles and even the opportunity to box for our country.

What do you plan to use the CommunityForce award for?

The Community Force award would be spent on ensuring our Minibus is safe to transport our boys across the Nation. As we are non-profitable club we accept donations from parents to ensure the minibus, is taxed, mot and insured and the standard you would expect. We cover so much mileage across one weekend so regular services are also very important not to mention fuel. We also have some girls down the boxing club and currently one changing room so we would like the opportunity to extend also.

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

St Mary's Fundraiser Night

Ward Councillor's Tristan Osborne, Sam Craven and Christine Godwin attended the Save St Mary's ABC fundraiser on Saturday night at Greenacre School.

We have been working closely with the Club management to safeguard this local and popular boxing club which had been threatened after the landlord changed.

The event was a massive success with thousands of local residents attending to watch a series of 'friendly' boxing matches between current and former club members.

Councillor Godwin and Councillor Craven even got into the ring. Alas not with gloves; but to award the fight trophies to the respective blue and red teams.

It is important that local Councillors work with residents and local sports clubs and we are very priviledged to be involved in such an event.

Some pictures below:

Monday, 5 September 2011

Luton Primary Funding Concern

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Cllr Les Wicks is simply living on cloud-cuckoo land if he thinks residents in Luton & Wayfield will not think this is anything other than Tory penny-pinching caused by the national cuts.

Parents wanted new facilities; they did not want a rushed merger.

Once again we have been let down locally on education and our Primary School children have to pay the price.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Save our NHS

Medway Labour are increasingly concerned by the actions of Cameron's Conservatives and his local Councillor-supporters who are endorsing an agenda of mass privatisation across the NHS and risking the provision of future healthcare for local residents.

We will not support the Tories in introducing a private-sector free for all on our NHS and we will continue to support doctors, nurses, patients and residents in opposing moves towards a privatised health service.

Already waiting lists are increasing and services worsening. Please join our campaign today to keep the NHS in the patients hands and not those from the greedy health care insurance industry.