Saturday, 28 April 2012

Petition to scrap parking meter

Petition calling for Council to scrap the new parking metre at the Luton Library

Ward Councillor's have been working with local business to petition to remove the newly replaced parking meter at Luton Library

The previous parking meter had been withdrawn because it was making little revenue and was a magnet for vandalism. 

In addition, many individuals merely parked in surrounding non-permitted streets including Nelson Road, Queens Road, Chickfield Gardens and Kings Road.

We handed in our petition for 420 residents to the full Council on Thursday 26th April 

We hope the Council will step and listen to the community and the lead petitioner, and Chatham Hill resident, Ben Pranczke

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Time for Alcohol Control Zone

Current Chatham Alcohol Control Zone: Luton & Wayfield Councillors want it extended

With the win for additional CCTV units for Luton Road our efforts to combat anti-social behaviour must continue at pace.

We have sat down with colleagues across the Labour Group and we will be pushing for an Alcohol Control Zone for the entire stretch of Luton Road and High Street as an extension to the Chatham Alcohol Control Zone.

We will also be working with new funding sources including the Big Lottery Fund, DNA and other funding sources to improve lighting and alleys in the ward.

Cllr Osborne specifically raised at Full Council whether Cllr Mike OBrien would back the move towards an Alcohol Control Zone but was not given a conclusive response.

Commenting Cllr Osborne

"As a former Police Officer is is clear that alcohol related criminality and anti-social behaviour is and remains a problem in urban areas of Medway including in the Luton & Wayfield ward

"We want to give Luton residents the power to say no to on the road drinking in an effort to combat and reduce levels of anti-social behaviour. It is not a nanny state to want people to live in peace."

We will be working with our PACTs to ensure that it is not only Rainham that benefits from Alcohol Control Zones.

Community Update Leaflet


CCTV Win for Luton

CCTV Win by Ward Councillors and activists

Ward Councillor's Sam Craven, Tristan Osborne and Christine Godwin would like to thank residents and local PACTs for backing our campaign for more CCTV for Luton

We have been campaigning for three months to get improved CCTV coverage for the ward after residents have informed us of concerns about anti-social behaviour. 

A temporary camera has now been fixed on Beacon Hill / Luton High Street and we are expecting further fixed camera's shortly to be fitted at the following locations
  • Magpie Hall Road / Newnham Street
  • Ambrose Hill / Luton Road 
  • Beacon Hill / Luton High Street

Temporary CCTV Camera on Luton Road

Luton and Wayfield Community First Panel

The Luton & Wayfield Community Panel has now been established. 

We have funding of £80,000 available to be allocated to local groups and projects within the ward. A set of group priorites has been established by the panel and we welcome applications which fit atleast one of the panels priorities as follows. 

  •  Enhance the health profile of residents of Luton & Wayfield 
  •  Bring different communities within the ward closer together 
  •  Increase the range of activities available for young people 
  •  Steps to reduce the effects of anti-social behaviour 
Groups/Projects are able to apply for between £250-£2500 once a year and applications will then be assessed and decided on by the panel members, who are local ward councillors and local community members. 

Panel members for Luton and Wayfield are: - 

  1. Cllr Christine Godwin 
  2. Cllr Sam Craven 
  3. Cllr Tristan Osborne 
  4. Jonathan Primett 
  5. Ben Pranczke 
  6. Tim Atkinson 
  7. Susan Crittenden  
  8. Jeff Fray

 Anything which does work towards improvements in the community can only be a good thing in my eyes, so if anyone is involved or knows anyone involved in a group or project who would benefit from funding spread the word about this available funding and help make improvements to our community!!!

For more information or application form please email: 

See our panel website at

Monday, 2 April 2012

Community demands CCTV

Luton & Wayfield Councillors

Labour ward Councillors have called time on the conversations for additional CCTV camera's for Luton Road.

After three months of discussions with the Medway Conservative Cabinet we reached a point where we had to take the campaign public because we were getting nowhere with the Council.

We have since submitted Member Priority Funding bid to secure the £20,000 necessary for the community in the ward.

We have been working with local PACTs, residents and activists in the ward to fight for funding.

We submitted a bid for funding to Cllr Alan Jarrett last week and are expecting to hear back on whether we have been successful for the £20,000 of funding which will make our community safer.

Tory Councillors need to step up to the needs of constant public questions at full Council from members of the community. The community has spoken via its elected representatives and PACTs.

We believe there is a significant problem surrounding under-reporting of criminality in the area caused by normalisation of certain behaviours. We note the Police have not reduced numbers and have extended the Dispersal Zone; this suggests a tacit understanding that the area should warrant consideration.

We have a lot of support from residents and business owners in the locality. We believe the bid has justification.

We await to see the outcome of our bid for CCTV