Sunday, 16 October 2011

Luton 'Healthy Living' Centre update

Labour Councillor's in Luton & Wayfield are very concerned about the potential for a new health facility in Luton.

We believe the proposed location is not suitable given accessibility with Luton Road via very narrow streets (Edinburgh / Alexandra Road). We also believe other locations should be considered by the NHS including potential locations on Barnfield / Street End Road and that this should have been negotiated given the change to the plans at Hook Meadow.

We have also raised with the Council the opinions of residents on the consultation, and the response to the development from environmental and green space groups; including Friends of Horsted Valley.

The NHS facility in Luton was proposed in 2009, at the same time as new school buildings for Luton School, and at a time when an NHS 'Healthy Living' site at Hook Meadow was being considered for Wayfield.

This has since changed

Our latest information is that the Luton School merger will not occur and that there is no funding for improved school buildings (a fact we will be raising in full council on Thursday). The NHS centre in Hook Meadow which was to service Wayfield, is also not being persued, so we believe this reinforces our position that a site covering Luton & Wayfield should have been considered.

We have requested maps from the Council and PCT on the proposed boundaries that were considered in 2009 by the NHS.

We support a new 'Healthy Living' centre in the area and understand the fact our health demographics are concerning; but this needs to be placed with the consent of the local population who do not feel consulted with.

We will stand by residents in Pheasant Road, Edinburgh Road, Lawn Close and Alexandra who are opposed to this development

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Phone Mast Update

We are working very closely with residents in Burma Way to oppose the phone mast application which we believe is due to be proposed.

The Council still has not submitted a new application which is generating some questions from residents about the delay.

Residents living in Tobruk and Dunkirk are very unhappy with the original application which was pulled, and are very concerned that the subsequent proposal could just get waved through by the Conservative-led planning committee.

We are working with residents on this petition and on securing a hearing at the relevent Planning Committee meeting where we will oppose the application.

The Conservative Government has just spent £150m on the pro-active placement of even more phone masts and we believe that placing these in industrial or commercial areas would be better suited.

BORA Building Work Starts

Work to create a new multi million pound building for the Bishop of Rochester Academy, one of three flagship academy builds in Medway is now in progress, as the Bishop of Rochester, the Right Reverend James Langstaff, firmly planted the first spade in the soil, marking the beginning of works at the academy

Joined by staff and students, along with representatives from the academy’s sponsors - the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University and Medway Council - the event was an exciting opportunity to look forward.

Andy Reese, Interim Executive Principal, said

"This event marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the life of the Academy. We hope that watching the new build come to fruition will inspire our students in their learning".

Commenting Cllr Tristan Osborne

"We welcome the start of this new building which is a result of Labour Government funding.

We were concerned in 2010 that the Department for Education was going to pull the funding after Michael Gove botched the BSF Funding programme and placed the Medway Academy programme at risk.

This area is in deperate need of new facilities. BORA results are still way below average and it is hoped that new management and facilities will start to improve the outcomes for our young people."

Saturday, 1 October 2011

NHS Facility badly situated

Cllr Tristan Osborne with Friends of Hosted Valley campaigners

Planning Proposal Graphic (click to enlarge)

The Luton & Wayfield Labour team is very worried about the proposed development of the Daisy Banks and the manner in which land is being transferred from the Banks to Luton Primary School, to facilitate an NHS facility which is poorly situated within a dense urban area with poor vehicular access.

The application is that part of Daisy Banks, just as you enter the Valley from Pheasant Road will see 2,500 square meters of the Local Wildlife Site to off set the lose of Luton School playing fields for vehicular access to another development on adjacent undeveloped land (proposed NHS facility) on the other side of the playing fields. The area will be cleared and a 2 meter fence erected.

This will block off existing pathway. The planning statement accompanying the application, agues that it will not in fact ential the lost of open space or impact upon the character of the local landscape. However, in view that the change use is in fact to allow further development, which includes construction of an access road and development of undeveloped land, it in fact mean that a significant area of open space will be lost. It also ignores the significant lost of wildlife habitat which is not compatible with it use as a playing field. Lastly, the planning statement completely ignores that is the primary gateway to the valley and has been used by the public for well over 20 years.

We are working with the Friends of Horsted Valley and local residents to oppose this planning application

Have you or somebody you know been walking Daisy Banks, entering via Pheasant Road for more than 20 years?

Would your be prepared to make a statement to that effect? Please contact the Vice Chairman at

If you wish to make a submission concerning application MC/11/2345, you can do so via Medway Council planning porta, link above or by writing to: Development Control, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TR, quoting the reference number MC/11/2345.

This must be done by 13/10/2011

Please note, FHV have contacted Mark Pullin, and confirmed that this is the correct date, and that is 21 days from when the public notice was put up, which was the 22/09/2011. The date on online plannning page which was the 17th, is incorrect.