Monday, 15 October 2012

Supporting Million Meal Appeal

Cllr Tristan Osborne was at the Sainsbury in the Pentagon Centre on Saturday 6th October to help with the Million Meal Appeal. 

The Million Meal Appeal, where shoppers can donate food to help local people in crisis, is organised by charity FareShare and Sainsbury's and is today operating in stores across the country, including Chatham, Hempstead Valley and Larkfield. 

As part of the appeal on Tristan signed up to help collect donations. 

Volunteers were asked to greet customers and encourage them to buy an extra item of food from the Million Meal Appeal shopping list. Donations were collected as shoppers left the store. FareShare will then deliver the donated food to over 700 charities and community projects across the UK to help families in need. Sainsbury’s will match the level of food donations collected over the weekend. 

The Million Meal Appeal comes as the economic crisis deepens and the rising costs of living hits households in Chatham & Aylesford hard. 

Food prices rose by more than four per cent over the last year and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimate that around 5.8 million people in the UK struggle to afford everyday essentials like food. 

Standing up for our Police

Cllr Tristan Osborne and Cllr Sam Craven 

As a former Special Constable Cllr Tristan Osborne and the Labour team are well aware that having bobbies on the beat, supported by a number of seasoned PCSO officers, is the only way you can combat crime on the ground.

Anti-social behaviour is the number one issue in our ward and we will tirelessly work to make our area a safer and cleaner community to live, work and play in.

Luton & Wayfield Ward Councillors are leading the charge to combat anti-social behaviour in the ward having successfully lobbied for a Dispersal Zone and CCTV cameras; but a lot more remains to be done.

All the good work is undermined by budget cuts to our thin blue line which is why we have submitted a motion to full council to oppose cuts to our Police who need our support to fight against these cuts.

We hope it will get the support of all Parties at the Council to oppose the privitisation and cuts to our Police

Petition for Street End Road

The Luton & Wayfield team have undertaken a resident survey and petition of residents on Street End Road and Settington Avenue concerning parking at this key junction and the risk of an accident.

On-curb parking 

Restricting (South) exit view from Settington

A number of vans were inappropriately parked on key junctions and on mounted curbs at this high volume junction.

A petition will be submitted to full council on Thursday 18th October and we are asking a question (10A) of the Council Portfolio holder that will express our concern that due to the volume of traffic at this key junction that double yellow lines be considered for this site.

We have since corresponded with the Council officer and we can confirm that double yellow lines will be prioritised for this junction over the next 3 months which is a positive development. 

Another campaign success

Clearing up Luton High Street

Your Luton & Wayfield team worked with local ward officers to clear up the Luton High Street corner from accumulated litter and detritus.

We have also been working with the Council to get skips placed so that residents can clear alleyways. We have had success in Thorold Road, Grove Road and Edinbrugh Road.

If you would like a skip we are happy to support your street.

Residents who see flytipping or litter can report it using the LoveMedway application

Alcohol Control Zone Extension

Your local ward Councillor's are actively working to extend the Chatham Alcohol Control Zone into Luton.
Despite opposition we have presented and successfully argued via the Council Overview & Scrutiny Committee process that the area has a statistical evidence base for an Alcohol Control Zone given the number of reported levels of anti-social behaviour.
We presented the case in August 2012 and received support to persue our members item.

We are due to meet the Police this week to articulate our concerns about the zone. 

Cllr Vince Maple expressed community desire clearly at the recent Medway Safety Partnership meeting in the All Saints area.
Thus far have been met with opposition from a number of Portfolio holders one of which incorrectly attributed only four cases of anti-social behaviour to the Luton Road area at the Overview & Scrutiny meeting. This was dismissed as inaccurate by the cross-party committee.
We believe the Police are there to serve the community in partnership and with the support of the All Saints and Luton PACTs we will work to secure this zone extension

Ward Councillor addresses Labour Conference

Ward Councillor Tristan Osborne address Labour Party conference to challenge the Medway Conservative administration to step up its efforts to oppose the Estuary Airport.

The Tory proposals for an Estuary Airport will see residents across the ward blighted by noise pollution and the associated risks of pollution

It is imperative that we stand up for our local heritage and our community. 

We also believe the public should have a say on whether they feel we should have an airport or not and have worked with other Labour Councillors to push for a local referendum so that you could have had your say. 

Unfortunately the ruling administration has opposed the moves and refuses to consult with residents who want to send a message to the government and Boris Johnson that no means no.

Luton Millennium Green Improvements

Ward Councillors are working with the Council to improve the Luton Millennium Green site after a period of neglect since 2005.

We can report that the Council has now made a statutory declaration of interest on the land which, unless opposed, will see it move into the Council ownership and allow improvement works to be undertaken.

We have also worked with officers to communicate with Groundwork Kent & Medway to engage in community improvements to the Green in light of the work undertaken at both Bryant Street and at the Hillyfields site which saw successful and costed improvements to these cherished green spaces.

Work is in progress on Luton Millennium Green. Rest assured it is a focus for your ward team.

£23,000 funding for All Saints

Congratulations to the All Saints Project and the partnership of local residents, Councillors and community organisers at the All Saints Church for winning a £23,000 members priority fund grant to improve the facilities 

The money will support the project to see the former Magpie Pub renovated to create a community facility for the Chatham All Saints area. 

The community will be able to use the facility for community events; it will also provide a drop off point for elderly and young people and be a focal point for community outreach for the diverse communities which comprise the inner Chatham area.

Local Councillors in Chatham Central and Luton & Wayfield submitted the application for funding which was granted by Cllr Alan Jarrett with the support of other Cabinet members.

We wish to congratulate Linda Fiddyment for all of her stirling work to secure this grant and put on record our thanks to the administration for the financial support

Luton PACT Success

We wish to congratulate the Luton PACT for all their efforts for this really successful event which was very positively received.

We have worked closely with the PACT to ensure our community feels safer and that our resident concerns are heard in the Council and beyond.