Thursday, 26 July 2012

Step in the right direction

Sometimes it is the little things which make the job of being a local representative worthwhile.

A resident in Ironside Close, who is in his late eighties, contacted us to help him improve accessibility to his bungalow and did not know who to approach.

A quick call by the local Labour team to MHS Homes with some active lobbying and the result is one happy resident who can now get access to his house.

Small steps can make a big difference to residents.

'Bin' very successful

Wayfield Road dog bin

Dog bins are now in place in several locations around Burma Way, Tobruk Road and on Wayfield Road. 

Another project delivered by the local Labour team

Standing up for Horsted Valley

Once again we see the return of the application to take away a piece of the Horsted Valley for development but this time there is a total lack of clarity about who wants this land changed and why.

This has been a complicated case because there has been a total lack of communication from the Conservative-controlled Council as to the purpose of this current application despite the deadline. 

The school, who will gain land, have no recollection of ever submitting the application and the PCT, who originally wanted to build a Healthy Living Centre, have shelved those plans so not requiring the land-usage change. It is a total mystery. 

You can oppose this here.

We are very concerned that senior Conservative cabinet members are looking for development potential on the land to the West of the school playing field and behind Lawn Close; which had been the original plan for the Luton Health & Wellbeing centre.

The PCT have indicated they are still interested in having a new facility but want to explore alternate locations; a point the community have consistently made despite the outrageous and publicised comments by the Deputy Conservative leader that those opposed, including the Friends of Horsted Valley, were nothing but slow-worm enthusiasts. 

Tory cabinet members in Medway show little or no respect for local heritage;  we can cite numerous examples of vandalism from the destruction of the Aveling & Porter building in Strood, the Chatham 'Brook' fiasco which saw historic trees dug up for a monstrous and over-budget bus station, to a total disregard to the historic market in Rochester. These are but a few.

Of course we will oppose all over development and especially on or near a well loved piece of green space.